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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Knitting Night in Burnaby!

The first and third Monday of each month is Knitting Night in Burnaby, and this week I got to be part of the fun! NINE people showed up for the Knitting and Beer meeting at the Metrotown Bread Garden Monday! This is the largest group of knitters I have seen in the same spot since my very first Knitting and Beer meeting at Red Robin way back in November 2004.

There was a lovely "show & tell" sweater and lots of works in progress, scarf, sweaters, and other objects I didn't actually catch the names of. It was a great group of people, the original 4 plus others I had only seen on
Knit in the City's June 8th blog entry. I love finally seeing the people I've been reading about. :) I even got almost to the end of the decreases for the 2nd sleeve of my Nephew's Einstein Jacket while being very good at knitting and talking. One of them has to suffer a bit, so knitting went slower and at the end knitting went a bit backwards, but the sleeve will be better for it. I would hazard to say that a good time was had by all.

Today is my first Physio appt after a week off. I hope I don't hurt too much when it was over. My last appt was killer and then I got too busy to go for a week, funny how life gets in the way sometimes. I am now able to walk down stairs like a grownup again, I consider this great progress! Now to get a bit more flexibility so that I can corral my son on the playground more easily and I will be happy. I am constantly amazed at the moves I have to make suddenly to keep my son from running out on the road, or in the way of basketball games, or into walls sometimes. The mind of an almost 2 yr old, I keep saying I need one of those "thought bubbles" like in comic books so that I can see what he is thinking. I'm sure it would be fascinating, to a proud Mommy anyway.

I am hoping to get an action shot or two of the Haiku sweater I made my niece from the Knitty.com pattern. Her 1st birthday is this Saturday and I will be giving it to her dispite the "no presents required" note on the invitation. I am quite proud of that little sweater, it was my first experience with seams longer than 2" and it turned out quite well. My husband couldn't even see where the sleeves were sewn into the body of the sweater. There are advantages to using slightly fuzzy yarn. :)

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