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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Camera is Back!

My camera is finally back from the shop! I have it plugged in and charging as I type. I have an 'ear warmer hat' and My Christmas Stocking to take pictures of as well as projects in progress. Hopefully the camera will be ready to take pictures when I get home.

I'm totally thrilled with my stocking. I started it last year for my son, then found out that Great-Granny was making him as well. So the stocking sat unfinished until I realized that *I* could use it for *Me* at this point I continued working on it in odd moments when the other projects didn't call to me and finally put a push on the last 2 weeks. I used a "Knitty Knoddy" to do the i-cord loop and ended up making it 7" long instead of 5" long because it went so much faster than I thought it would. I just have to weave in 2 ends and sew on the loop and the Stocking is Finished! I am quite happy about this. I will duplicate stitch my name on it for next year, for now just finishing the stocking is enough. I made the "Chubby Stocking" the cover picture from Christmas Stockings: Holiday Treasures to Knit.

Hubby is amazed that I have managed to finish it. Since I am a process knitter I seem to always have lots of projects on the go and few that get finished in a timely manner. Oh well, it works for me. Knitting is my therapy, it is more important to me to have the right project in my hands slowly growing than it is to have a pile of finished projects.

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