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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Missing my camera

It is pretty frustrating to have finished objects, one of which needs to be given away, and not have a camera to mark the event! Especially since we dropped off the camera with no accessories because we were told to, and then found out 2 weeks later that they actually needed the accessories to test said camera. Depressing to know that they could have been fixing it while they were waiting to get the extra bits. I just hope that when they return the camera to us, they actually include all the little bits and pieces we will be giving them today.

The 2nd sleeve of the Wallaby Wannabe is almost finished, I will be joining it with the body soon. I will be starting a few hats made out of Paton's Shetland Chunky for winter washable warmth. My sister is moving to Ontario in January and I would normally use Wool for that kind of cold, but I know everything in her house goes into the washer, so 25% wool will just have to do.

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