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Thursday, September 22, 2005

No Pictures :(

I found out after my last post that the camera was in fact taking a charge, it was actually broken and that was why my pictures weren't working. We sent it to the camera doctor and should find out in the next few weeks whether they can make it better or not. In the mean time I can't share my projects :( I did want to share the "escalator pattern," it is looking really good, I think it will give an old fashioned charm to the classic hooded sweater.

Of course I haven't managed to get much further on them. It has been quite stressful at work lately. People are being "work for reduced" and it's hard to see them leave. Also I have been playing catch up from being off with my broken ankle and then my focus on the job interviews, and now a new big project is fighting for time with my regular work, and of course just when I was feeling like I knew what I was doing again my son got sick for 3 days at a time when hubby couldn't take time off of work. *sigh* It never rains but it pours.

The good news is that my ankle is working almost normal again. It aches a some in the mornings and when I forget and sit cross-legged for too long. But I can go up and downstairs like a grownup again and I can run after my son and do sudden stops without gasping in pain. These are all good things. :) I don't dread physio anymore, it actually feels good to stretch the muscles and tendons on their equipment now. Every week my ankle is better than the previous. I keep thinking how fast it is healing and then remember that it has been over 3 months since I broke it and then it feels like it has been taking forever to heal. It is all about perspective I guess.

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