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Friday, August 26, 2005


nothing like a vacation to get the startitis going. In 4 days off I managed to start 2 new projects, an "ear warmer hat" from Little Turtle Knits and a Wallaby from Cottage Creations. I haven't decided who the hat will go to yet, but there is sure to be another baby coming along sooner or later. I am still deciding if I will put the front pocket on the Wallaby or not. It is a lot of knitting and a hooded sweater would be useful even with out the pocket. My sister says that Nephew #1 used the pocket, but I'm not totally convinced that Nephew #2 will do the same. Plus she says Nephew #2 will just use pants pockets if there isn't a pocket on the sweater. That will save a few days, or at the rate I'm going lately a few weeks of knitting!

Here are the pictures:

Ear warmer hat knit using "
magic loop" technique. I think it's almost time to switch to double points for the final decreases, the Denise needle set ends are a bit long and feel like they are getting in the way as the number of stitches decreases. I'll keep going with it though, it could work out in the end.

Wallaby for Nephew #2, just the bottom ribbing is done so far.

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