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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Pictures to come

I took a couple of cute pictures of the 2 Einstein jackets I have been working on. The almost finished multi-coloured one for Cole and the blue and green one for my nephew which just needs another arm, a collar, and buttons to be called finished. They were very good pictures I assure you. However I can not share them with you.

I just moved to a new computer on which my husband assured me was all the programs I was use to using on my old computer. However he somehow forgot to confirm that he had installed the photo editing software. I will have to wait until he finds me the disk so that I can install the program and edit these photos. I will then be able to post them without taking up an entire screen with part of one picture. :)

Update on my ankle: it has been getting better and better and I was feeling pretty good about it until I went to physio on Friday. My normal physiotherapist is out of town so I had a locum physio person. As I was talking with him I got the distinct impression that he was surprised by how much swelling there still was. (He should have seen it when I started!) Also there were exercises that perhaps I should have been doing already but haven't been. Of course those exercises hadn't been suggested by my normal physio person, but I still felt like all the work I had done wasn't quite enough. He was very pleasant and I'm sure he didn't mean to make me feel bad, I just am a little fragile around how long it is taking to heal. I keep thinking I can do more than I really can and end up on the couch with my foot up again. I did all the exercises he suggested last night and ended up with less swelling around the ankle proper and lots of extra pain. I actually had to take a T3 for the first time in ages. This might be a good thing as I obviously worked the joint and muscles, but on the other hand I really don't like being in pain and not being able to help around the house.

Enough complaining, it's time for a bit of knitting while hubby has Cole out for an evening walk. I'll try and get the pictures up soon.

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