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Thursday, August 11, 2005

OT: Interviews Over!

I know this isn't knitting related but I had my last, hopefully final, interview yesterday!!! It was the one I was most nervous about and it went WAY better than I hoped. The Interviewer actually told me it went well and that his impression of my abilities had greatly improved over the hour of the interview. This is a Wonderful thing. This means that even if I don't get this new internal job, I have still made an impression on someone above me in the pecking order and my chances of advancing in the future and being recommended for special training just went up dramatically. I consider this a "Win" no matter what the outcome. Of course I still want to be hired for the job ;)

No new knitting to report, I've been terribly nervous about this series of interviews and have been pouring over books on how to sound intelligent during an interview, what kind of trick questions to be listening for, and what kind of questions make a good impression when asked by the applicant. I was pleased to find that most of what the books said matched my instincts, but I did learn about a few pit falls that I would have missed otherwise, and was a bit more savvy. Now if only I'd had the Project Management training that someone following to "normal" path to this new role would have had. Then I would have been really prepared. However I made a positive impression even without knowing the key phrases that mean so much to someone who has had that training. Hopefully now that the pressure is off I can get some knitting in before I have to start power training to be most effective in the new role. Look at me being all positive thinking person. :)

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