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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Right yarn for the project?

I had pegged my lovely new Sangria Andean Silk yarn from KnitPicks.com for the Cozy shawl from Knitty.com. This is a very rich coloured super soft yarn which just begs to be made into something lovely. I think the Cozy would be perfect... assuming the gauge is the same. I am horrible at figuring out things like that. I think that Andean Silk is a worsted weight yarn, 4.5-5 sts=1" on #7-8 needle, whereas the called for Reynolds Mandalay is, I think, a heavy worsted or Aran weight, 16 sts to 4" on #7 needle.

I wonder just how much that .5 sts inch would be? Should I add an extra repeat or 2? And if I do, will I have enough yarn to finish? When I calculated how many hanks to buy I came up with 8.1 so of course I ordered 9. Now I am wondering if I should have ordered 10 so that I could make it wider. Or maybe I just cast on with a bigger needle and make it the same gauge so that it matches, it's going to get stretched anyway right?

Then again I could just dig out Barbara Walker's "A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns," pick a lace pattern I like, swatch it, and make my own custom shawl. Hmmmm, there's an idea... Will have to think on that one.

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