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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Physio vs. Knitting

So far Physio is winning. After a full day of work and then doing my exercises for physio I don't have the time or energy to do much more than sleep. It is really cutting into my knitting time! The good news is that I can walk a lot better now, there much less swelling, and I can see progress being made in my recovery. The bad news is that I still have to go down stairs one stair at a time, my son goes down faster than me sometimes! I can't squat down very far either. Apparently it is a combination of the Achilles tendon thickening and tightening and the joint stiffening. Not a good combination, and the cure isn't much fun either. It will all be worth it though when I can go outside and play with my son for longer than 1/2 hr without my ankle hurting.

I am almost finished with Cole's Einstein Jacket, it just needs 2 ends sewn in and the buttons sewn on then it will be ready for him to wear just as soon as he grows into it! When they say oversized, they mean it! I have finished the body of my Nephew #1's Eistein Jacket and finally wove in all the ends last night. I got a few ridges done on the right sleeve. This jacket is taking much longer than the last one. Probably because I actually have to go to work now.

I haven't been getting any knitting done at work either because I have been taking the bare minimum with me. It is hard to negotiate a parking lot with a briefcase and knitting bag and cane. So I took the cane and my purse and left the rest at home. I am planning to start bringing projects to work again for lunchtime knitting.

I applied for a new job. Same company so it will be a gradual transition if I get it. The new job would mean a lot more responsibility and the pay to go with it. I would be working much harder than I am now, but would have the flexibility to work from home some of the time. I had my first interview on Thursday, I think it went fairly well. It was with the person that just left the job and another person that is doing the same job in a different area. A little daunting to be interviewing with the people that know this job inside out and backwards and forwards too. I just hope they liked my answers. I know I messed up a few questions but I think I did quite well over all. Oh well, I did my best and that is what counts. Next step is an interview with the hiring manager and then maybe an interview with the manager of my internal "Customers." Hopefully I will have an answer about the job by the end of August.

I have to say that most of my nervousness left right after the interview was over. I'm sure it will build again as the next interview approaches. Each interviewer has a different view point and different focus that the answers should reflect. At least now I have one interview under my belt. Before Thursday my last interview was in 1998 when I was hired on contract for this job, when they finally hired me full time they didn't bother with the formal interview process.

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