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Thursday, July 21, 2005

KIP Again!!!

I finally have a chance to KIP after sooo long knitting only alone at home. I will be attending the Knitting Meetup at the lower level Starbucks in Brentwood mall at 7:30pm tonite. I just checked and it looks like there will be at least 2 of us there. That is a very good thing :)

I'm wondering around without a cast now. Just with my trusty cane for extra balance and a tensor style brace for when I know I'll be on my feet for a long time. The ankle isn't hurting much, but it does tend to swell up after a while. I'm not really sure if this is a really bad thing and I should put the cast on, or a not so bad thing since it isn't hurting. I will ask at physio tomorrow. I have been working on increasing the up/down rotation to just the point of pain but not beyond and have been doing a lot of walking up and down the office. This will either be a good thing or it will be considered too much too soon. I guess I will find out.

My boss jokes that my broken ankle is all a sympathy ploy and a way to get out of work. Personally I would not recommend this as a way to get extra knitting time. The first few weeks are a blur of pain and pain meds and the recovery time is way longer than I thought. After 6 weeks the bone has only regrown about 1/2 way across the break. While it is pretty kewl that the bone can re-grow, it also means that I still have a lot of healing to go. By all accounts actually walking on it is suppose to be a great motivator for the body to focus on growing more bone. I wish there was a way to safely speed up the process, or to see inside and know that things are happening. Of course I was the one that wanted a window into my tummy so that I could see my son growing too, but he might not have liked it much. ;)

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