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Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Here!!

My KnitPicks order has arrived!!

Now that is the way to end a week!
KnitPicks Order

In other news, my ankle is doing much better. I can walk around without my cane most of the time. Though I go much faster when I use the cane for added balance. I look much less like a drunken sailor when using the cane as well. I went in for my follow up appointment today and they said my x-ray looks good and I can take off the cast on Monday. I may have to put it back on if my ankle gets sore though. I'm thinking, and my doctor agrees, that I will put it on for work so that I don't have to pack it back and forth, and then just have it off when at home. This will be a short term thing I'm sure, I really can't wait to totally ditch this cast.

I start Physio next Friday at 8 Rinks the official training facility for the Vancouver Canucks. I'm not sure if that means they use the same physio facilities too. My doctor actually prescribed me more T3's even though I haven't needed them for a few weeks now. She said that I may find I need them to sleep after walking with the cast off, and especially after a round of physio. Something tells me this isn't going to be an easy walk in the park.


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