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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back at work

I am back at work now and not much knitting going on.

I have done a bit more work on my nephew's Einstein coat. I have the Right Front done and have started on the Back. Since I am making this one in the 6-8 size it is taking longer than I remember to finish each row of the back. I used the blue/green heathered varigate for the bottom of the coat and will use that again for the sleeves. I am using Heathered Olive for the Top body and I think it will look quite good as the Olive is contained in the varigate so it blends a bit.

My ankle just keeps getting better and stronger. I am walking around with a cane now and can go short distances without it. I made it through the entire day at work on Monday, but paid for it. So I went home early on Tuesday and will do the same today. It will be so strange on the 15th if they say I don't need the cast anymore, all that weight taken off my leg. I think I will still be treating that ankle gently and worrying about it. I can already see the muscle atrophy happening in my calf, it is so much smaller than the other one already.

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