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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What I did on the Weekend

I spent the weekend power knitting and shopping for the perfect buttons for the Einstein Coat. I didn't really think about how much more complicated going into a fabric shop with a 22 month old active child and crutches would be. Hubby was great though and kept Cole occupied with the basket of fuzzy nylon spools while I looked at the plethora of buttons at Fabricana in Coquitlam. I ended up getting 2 types of "Paddington Bear" buttons for Cole's coat and green tractors for my nephew #1 since he loves all vehicles construction like. The only thing I regret about that trip to Fabricana is the fact that I found the perfect buttons but neglected to go around the corner to get the perfect thread to sew them on with. That is what happens when the 22 month old in question starts to say "Go" over and over while signing "Car."

I managed to finish all of the knitting except for the collar of Cole's Einstein Coat. I will be adapting the collar from the "woman's" version of the coat, apparently men and children don't need collars to keep their necks warm. I also got a good start on the blue/green coat for nephew #1. It is using up the yarn faster than I though it would, those extra 3 stitches really make a difference. I see a different coloured "top right/left" and "top back" in it's future, good thing I have extra blue and green yarn left over from Cole's coat. I am hoping that I will be able to do the sleeves in the same blue/green variegate as the bottom of the body.

Here is Cole's Einstein Coat which is looking like a real coat/sweater now. I just need to sew up the sleeves and neck, in 1 long seam each side, and then add on the collar.

Here are the cute, cute, cute buttons I picked out for it. Cole is totally into bears right now so he should like them almost as much as I do.

And this is my kitty Rowan, she has claimed Nephew #1's coat as a bed. You can almost see the tractor buttons in this picture. Click the image for a better look.

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