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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tink'ing fun fur

... isn't fun at all. I was almost finished the 'shapely scarf' Saturday night. I had only 4" of scarf left to bind off when I ran out of yarn. I really should have known better but I did think I had enough. I had to undo the entire bind off row and the previous row, this took almost 3 hrs. Then I could finally start the bind off again which took 1/2 hr. At least I know that the chances of this yarn unravelling on it's own is very remote. This stuff likes to stick to itself and wrap around itself something fierce.

I finally completed the scarf late Sunday night, early Monday morning. I just have to weave in ends and get hubby to take a picture so I can share with you all. This scarf took 3 balls of Fun Fur in the colour Tropical. Based on where I ran out of yarn when binding off the first time I figure there was about 8/10th of a row worth of yarn left when I finished. The ends are only 3.5" wide instead of 4" but it seems fine to me.

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