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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Picture Day

It's time for more pictures. The pictures are just snapshots really, I took them on my living room table. But I did want to share my works in progress with you. I've gone fancy and started to include bigger versions of my pictures, just click on the small image to see a larger picture.

Haiku waiting for it's sleeves to be attached.

The child sized Einstein coat with the bottom panel and top right front completed. The needles are in the stitches for the top back. I included the blue and green sleeve yarns in this picture so you could see how all the colours will go together. This sweater is knitting up so quickly with the chunky yarn and lack of distractions. I might even make another one in a bigger size for my nephew. I saw a cute
blue/green variegated colourway in the same yarn that would look good on him, and his little brother of course.

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