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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Over did it

Mum came over to visit from the Island yesterday to see how I was doing, visit with me, and of course see her Grandson. We had a good visit in the early afternoon and had decided to pick Cole up from daycare at 4pm. I had the brilliant idea of going to Brentwood mall to pick up some more yarn since the Einstein coat is going so quickly and I wouldn't have to drag Hubby out. We planned it really well, got a spot quite close to Zellers, where I had gotten the Cozy Wool for Cole's coat. I went right to the yarn section got what I needed for another Einstein coat for nephew #1 and a Wallaby for nephew #2, then out again. The problem was that once we were back at the car I realized it was way to early to pick up Cole. So back to the mall for a no fat, no whip Tazo® Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks. Then off we went to get Cole, chat with Wendy a bit about how he is doing, and say "Hi" to Ryan, his buddy at daycare.

By the time we got home my ankle was throbbing. It took a full 1/2 hour for the T3s to have any affect at all. I am really wondering how I will manage next week if I go to work. Getting there will be tricky as I will have to drive myself, and now I am pretty sure I will be needing my crutches as well. This means not taking my briefcase as it will be in the way. I guess I could manage with my PDA and a notebook for quick reference. Can you tell it has been years since I broke a bone? And last time it was my left arm, not quite as essential as my left ankle seems to be. I see another visit to my Doctor in the very near future.

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