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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm Broken :(

I am a late getting up a new post. I try to post at least once a week and as you can see I'm a few days late. This time I think I have a good excuse though! I broke my ankle on Monday! Just a silly accident, not really looking where my feet were, I was on a sidewalk and my foot hit the edge and rolled and I guess rolled too much because I now have a crack/fracture in the outside bone of my ankle.

Monday night I made a trip to the local medical clinic where the doctor said I could either go to emergency and get an x-ray right away or go home and try to get the swelling down and get the xray done at the radiology clinic in the morning. So I went with the icing my ankle to reduce the swelling option.

Tuesday was more interesting:
9:00am I am at the Radiology clinic to get some x-rays of my ankle
10:00am I am given a CD of my x-rays and told to go back to the clinic
10:15am I am back at the clinic, the Doctor had just come on duty and was asking all kinds of questions that I had answered the previous day. We finally realized that he had only part of my chart, the part that didn't include Monday night. When he got the rest of the chart and realized I had actually broken the bone he said "We don't read x-rays here, that is what the radiologist does. You have to go to Emergency and they will decide what kind of cast to give you."
11:30am I am at Emergency waiting and waiting and waiting. The good news is that I now have a wheelchair so I'm no longer walking on a broken bone. The bad news is that we didn't realize that I could raise the foot rest to elevate the ankle until almost 1pm
2:30pm I am taken to the "Casting" department and told that I will have to; stay off my feet, put no weight on my broken ankle at all, and keep my ankle elevated for 10 days.
3:45pm Finally home again. Did I mention that I had forgotten my T3's at home thinking I wouldn't be out long? Ouch!

I am going to have to be very very careful about what I wish for in the future. I had been thinking of taking a week off of work to rest and regroup. I had not planned on having a broken ankle during that week, but it looks like I will have lots of time to rest now!

Hopefully once the bone heals a bit I will be in less pain and will be able to concentrate on finishing some of my works in progress. I have a "Shapely Scarf" from "The Knit Stitch" which is only 2" from being done. I want to finish off the pink Haiku sweater and take a picture of it to enter into the Knitty.com Calendar Contest. I have a "Cozy" shawl that I might go back to. And of course I still have my Christmas Stocking and the Rambling Rows baby blanket to work on. I won't be bored. :)

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