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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Haiku Finished!

Photos to come, but the sweater is done! The seams look pretty good to me and hardly hurt at all. Hubby will take a 'long exposure' picture without flash for me tonight so that all the lovely stitch definition will show up.

Next project, sew the sleeves/shoulders of the Einstein coat for Cole. Then I will be able to add on the collar, hopefully documenting the process so that I can duplicate it on Nephew #1's coat, and possibly Niece's coat to be as well. I'm still deciding if she gets one or not. Since the smallest size in the pattern is 2-4 and she is a very small almost 1 yr old, I have time to think about it.

My ankle is doing better every day now. I can walk with just 1 crutch most of the time and can "hop/walk" short distances without a crutch. The only problem is that I'm still learning what a "short distance" is and keep going that little bit too far and then having to sit for a while and take pain killers while my ankle recovers. In any case I should be back at work on Monday. Though I'm sure my manager wouldn't be surprised if he got another "I won't be in next week" phone call on Friday. I'm starting to think about getting a cane to replace the crutches. Would it really help or would it just be another thing to trip me up? Something to think about.

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