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Friday, June 24, 2005


I will be staying home next week. During my follow up appointment my doctor recommended that I stay home as I am still dependent on T3s for pain control. It isn't a good idea to be driving myself to work since I get drowsy from the T3s. No need to be on the road an even more drowsy condition than normal in the mornings.

One more week to learn how to walk on this ankle. It is a lovely shade of blue/red/green now with the bruise extending up about 3" and almost all the way around my ankle in some places. At least it is only 1.5 times bigger than the other ankle now instead of the 3 times bigger that it was on June 7th. I will be happy when this is all over and I am finished the physio and can forget I ever broke the ankle. They say if I follow their instructions and take care of my ankle I won't have any lasting affects since the break was so clean and didn't shift at all during the 10 days it was in the splint.

You can see the break clearly in this x-ray, I pretty much broke off the tip of the bone.

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