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Monday, June 20, 2005

Almost finished & Just Started

I've decided to use mattress stitch to sew in the sleeves of the pink Haiku sweater. I see many repeats of these seams in my future but they will look good when I'm finished. At least I hope they will. That will be my project for today.

True to form I have started a new project before finishing the old one. I have started to make an Einstein coat from
"The Knit Stitch" by Sally Melville for Cole in size 2/4. I am mixing up the colours. I don't seem capable of making a simple single colour sweater for a baby. Even my pink Haiku has a strand of white twisted in with the pink to give it interest. I am using 4 different colours for this new sweater: "Paprika" for the bottom 'rib warmer' section; a nice bright red they call "Cardinal" for the top of the chest; one sleeve will be "Olive Heather;" and the other sleeve will be a muted blue called "Windsor." It should look very cute and, as hubby says, no one else will have one like it.

Since the pattern calls for a Chunky weight yarn I am using Red Heart "Cozy Wool" for the sweater. This yarn is 70% Acrylic/30% Wool and machine washable. All the benefits of acrylic and warmth of wool. It is soft and looks great knit up but I have to work really hard not to split it. It just seems to want to revert back to individual strands. I have got the hang of knitting with it now and don't have to pay quite as much attention to each and every stitch any more. I had trouble finding a website with colour swatches for this yarn, I think it has been discontinued so I hope I got enough for my project. I'm fairly certain I did as the rib warmer section only took about 1.25 balls of yarn. I have 2 balls of the red and 1 ball each of the blue and the green so I should be fine.

It feels pretty strange to be home knitting all day. I am not expected to do any house work or any office work from home because I am healing. I feel like a bit of a fraud taking all this time for myself. That is until I stand up and realize just how painful it is to stand or walk on a broken ankle even with an aircast. I can put *some* weight on my foot now and am working on being able to put more weight on it over time. My goal is to be able to walk without my crutches next week, or at least to need them for only minimal support. I think work would really like it if I came back. I am getting tired of calling in and saying "I need another week off to heal." I know that they understand and they don't really want me there as a hazard with my crutches and the risk that I will fall in the parking lot or on the way to my desk and hurt myself more. But there is nothing wrong with my brain or my fingers. I could still be productive. I bet my manager is wishing he had got me that laptop so I could work from home now! *hehehehe*

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