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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Almost done

I just have 2 seams to go and the Haiku is done! I have sewn the shoulder seams and put on the buttons. I have sewn the sleeve seams, wow are there ever a lot of stitches in 1 little sleeve! I did the 'invisible garter stitch seam' and it turned out really good. Hubby was quite impressed, he could hardly tell where the seam was.

I'm not quite sure how to connect the sleeves to the body yet. Hubby thinks I should do the invisible seam again and I really do like the look but I'm not sure how to do that when I have a tube on one side and a circle on the other. My other option is to turn it all inside out and do a crochet slip stitch seam right at the edge of the sleeve and body. It would be quite strong and would look good and lay pretty flat and it would have the added bonus of me being able to pin the sleeve in place before I do the seam. I will have to think about it and probably try the invisible seam option first to see how hard it is before I decide.

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