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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tagged by Books!

I've been tagged by Jussi with questions about Books. This is a good thing because I LOVE books!!! It is always good to be asked questions about something that I know the answers to.

Here it goes:
1) Total number of books in your house:
Literally Hundreds!! I haven't counted in a while but the books keep coming in and they never leave! I was a member of the "Science Fiction Book Club" for a while so a lot of my books are hard cover series books. Authors like Anne McCaffrey make it easy to have a huge book collection. :)

2) The last book you bought was:
Crimson Moon by Rebecca York

3) What was the last book you read before reading this?
Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong (are you sensing a theme to my recent reading?)

4) Write down 5 (or 6) books you often read or that mean a lot to you.
- Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann - This book helped to shape the way I look at knitting today. It was one of the first books I read on Knitting based on suggestions I got from The KnitList and I haven't looked back since. I will never blindly follow a pattern even if I know it is wrong because Elizabeth gave me the skills to read my knitting and the confidence to follow my instincts.
- Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti - Every new knitter should read this book. She takes the mystery out of knitting and makes the difficult as seem simple and logical as it really is. This book is an important addition to any library if only for the chapter which warns knitters about photos of patterns and how any flaw can be hidden by some sneaky/good photography :)
- The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee - OK, I've never actually made a sweater based on this book, nor have I made the sampler. But I have gotten a lot of inspiration from reading it and used the techniques to improve on the pattern I used for my first and only adult sized sweater. I think it is great to have a book out there that allows the knitter to learn the "why's" of knitting and gives the outline of a pattern to be customized by the knitter rather than the row by row patterns of other books.
- The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel - The whole Earth Children series is great, I have read every book at least 3 times and the earlier ones more often as I "have" to read them all again each time a new book comes out :)
- The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey - This entire series is great, I have read it over and over. I love being able to step into someone else's life for a while and McCaffrey brings this entire family to life. As many times as I read this series I still enjoy and anticipate the next line, page, and book.
- Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke - This book has shaped the way I think about babies elimination needs. I just can't leave my son in a disposable diaper and walk away it would feel wrong. Instead I put him in Cloth diapers, often without a cover, and make sure he is changed as soon as he is wet, even just a little. I also give him lots of chances at logical times to use the potty or toilet such as after he wakes and after he has a big drink. Using the processes and philosophies in this book, along with "Diaper Free" by Ingrid Bauer, have allowed me to connect to my son in a way I hadn't even thought of before I read it. Even though I used diapers as backup until just a few weeks ago I know that my son is much more connected to his elimination needs than other kids his age. At 20 months old he is now in training pants during the day. He has been dry during the day for a few months now and dry at night all this week!! I'm sooo proud of my little boy.

5) Who are you going to pass the stick to (three people) and why?
Rabbitch because she was so great about answering my last Meme even though she doesn’t watch TV. Since she doesn’t watch TV she must read books. Right??
Maktaaq because I love her point of view and I know she will have interesting things to say.
Kate from Needles on Fire because I love her blog and she recently said she just bought a bunch of books so she should have no troubles answering :)


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