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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I learned something!

I taught myself “magic loop” on the weekend. It was a case of necessity being the means to an end. I somehow managed to misplace my Brittany Birch 5.0mm double points. I know I put them back in the needle case my sister made me, but I have no idea where that case ended up. So there I was with an almost finished hat and no double points to finish off the top. I was frustrated and confused and determined to finish that hat somehow. So with my 5.0mm 20” Addi Turbo needles I figured out how to poke the cable between the stitches in such a way that I was able to do my k2tog down to 5 stitches!! I am soooo proud of myself for figuring that out.

The pictures on the websites never made any sense to me, I just couldn’t visualize how it would work, and they always said something like “use a 36” - 40” cable” which I didn’t have. But when the chips were down I figured it out. I am now working on the 4” of icord which will be the knot at the top, still with the same 20” Addi Turbo. It should be very cute.

As you can tell I am taking a break from the pink Haiku sweater. A woman at work recently had a baby and since she moved here from China she has no family here. The office put together a card for her and I thought it might be nice to knit up a hat for the new baby and his big brother. It took between 6 and 8 hrs to almost finish the first hat so the 2nd larger one should hopefully be done by the end of this week. I learned a lot doing this hat. I will definitely use magic loop for the 2nd hat and will do a purl row after the ribbing to make a “fold line” as this one doesn’t lie as nicely as I would like. I will post pictures as soon as I finish.

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