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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Puttering along

I have been slowly working on my Rambling Rows baby blanket. I think I have managed to almost finish 1 rectangle in 1 week, so very slowly.

The Haiku sweater is on hold while I decide what to do with the sleeves. I have already done over an inch with the box stitch in the center 10 stitches so I could just keep going. One person on the Knitty message board mentioned that she liked the effect of the box stitch portion being longer and overlapping the hand a bit. This sounds interesting to me. On the other hand if I start over and do a few ridges of garter stitch and then a few repeats of the box stitch patter around the cuff of the sleeves I could finish off the sleeves in garter stitch which could make them go faster. But then I would have to figure out how to increase stitches in pattern within the box stitch section. Decisions, Decisions.

Still fighting this cold. Starting to wonder if it isn't actually allergies. I got shots for my allergies for several years and they helped a lot. I decided last year that going in every week for the allergy shots wasn't really going to fit my schedule anymore since I would rather spend the hour with my son than waiting in the doctors office. Perhaps it is time to revisit that decision. I am thinking of tracking down a naturopath or alternative medical practitioner to see if there are other options that could help me feel more balanced. In the mean time I am living the Dayquil life.

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