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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Not much happening

Once again I am in a knitting slump. I'm not sure if I want to continue with the Haiku as written. The garter stitch pulls in like ribbing and the box stitch lays flat. This works nicely in the body of the sweater but after only a few box stitch repeats on the sleeves I'm starting to notice the difference in row gauge between the 2 stitch patterns.

I posted about this on the Knitty message board , here is a summary of the answers I got:
1. Not everyone has noticed this difference in row gauge
2. It happened to others and they just ignored it and were happy with the results after sewing the seams
3. a couple of people were smart and anticipated this happening and did a box stitch border at the end of the sleeve instead of doing the box stitch up the center 10 stitches of the sleeve.

I haven't done much work on the sleeves yet so I could start over and do a border, or I could keep going and pray that it looks good in the end. In the mean time I am nursing a cold that just won't go away, so I'm not getting much knitting done. Hopefully by the time I'm feeling better I will have figured out what I want to do with the sleeves. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

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