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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Making Progress

I making pretty good progress on the Haiku sweater. I am doing the last area of "block stitch" on the left front, will start the last section of garter stitch tonight probably and will have the fun of working the button holes as well.

I will definitely be starting the sleeves this weekend. I would really like to be able to do them both at once but only have 1 ball of this pinkish yarn left. I am tempted buy another ball just so that I can do them both at the same time, but then I would have to think of something small to make out of what is left from 2 partial balls. Maybe 2 little hats. Or maybe I will just assume that my gauge will stay the same and do the sleeves separately.

I am really leaning towards doing them one at a time. Probably because the only baby gifts I have seen my sister-in-law use are the ones that we have bought her. I have heard that she put my niece in the sweater I had loaned her that I originally made for Cole, but I have not seen this. I made her a lovely baby blanket out of doubled up sport weight yarn as a shower gift and haven't seen it since. Maybe because I played it safe and made it one strand baby green with pink, blue, and green speckles and one strand pale yellow. Perhaps she doesn't think it is "girly" enough. This makes me hesitant to make more things as I don't really know if she appreciates hand made items or if she really prefers that things come from the store with a nice brand name label in the back.

Oh well. My nephew got 3 Wallaby sweaters in 3 years, this young niece will get at least 1 sweater as well. I will decide later if I want to make her another sweater in a bigger size. Since the 'antique rose' colour is fairly close to pink I'm sure it will be used.

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