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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Does it Exist?

I have "the knitter's handy guide to Yarn Requirements" by Ann Budd. It is a lovely laminated folded guide to how much yarn to buy for projects from mittens to sweaters. I love it. It has 5 different gauge options and tons of sizing options so the chances are good that if I follow the guide I will have enough yarn to do my project. The only problem is that I never seem to have it with me when I happen to wander into a yarn shop. The booklet is 4" wide by 9.5" tall so it doesn't fit into my pocket and I don't always bring a purse with me.

My query is, has anyone seen a similar yarn guide for the Palm? Or in Word or Excel format? Something I can put into my PDA and have with me when I venture out. I don't mind paying for such a treasure trove of information so don't feel limited to free sites. I'm sure some enterprising knitter out there has put together something similar.

Update March 23rd: After writing this entry I took another look at the features of eKnit-Kards which you may remember from my agonizing over which electronic Knitting software to buy. Anyway, there is a neat little button calls *Drum Roll Please* "Yarn Yardage Estimator"!!! After clicking on this button there is the option of choosing "I have a swatch" or "I do not have a swatch." Obviously if I am just dreaming about knitting something in a new yarn I would not have a swatch, so that is the option I would pick. This gives some lovely generic yardages based on item to be knit and sizing. Just goes to show that it pays to check out the resources already on hand before rushing to get something new!

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