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Monday, March 14, 2005

Can I count?

One day I will learn how to read a pattern correctly, and remember when I cast on extra stitches. Over the weekend I cast off for the underarm and continued along happlily knitting, it was only when I held up the back to see if I had knit enough garter stitch to match the front that I realized I had cast off too many stitches. The back was noticeably shorter than the same section of the front. I was looking at my pattern where it said to Cast On 40 sts to start, then I looked at Cast Off 20 sts for the underarm, so I thought 40 - 20 = 20 and cast off until I had 20 sts left on the needles. What I missed was Cast On 7 sts for the neck, so in reality I had actually Cast Off 27 sts instead of 20. I am now working on the underarm again, this time with the correct number of stitches.

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