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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Against the Grain

"Against the grain" is the term I was trying to remember when telling Karen that she was knitting her yarn in the wrong direction at the Meetup tonight. She has a lovely yarn with great colours and a bit of a slub/thick/thin texture and there was a definite direction to it. If you run your fingers in one direction it is pretty smooth and easy, if you run your fingers along it in the other direction it was all prickly and just felt wrong, kind of like patting a cat in the wrong direction. Obviously one would want to knit in the nice easy direction unfortunately the yarn came out of the ball in the prickly direction. This made for a lovely touque but not so nice knitting experience. I'm pretty sure Karen knew what I meant when I described it, but I was really wishing I could remember the actual term for it!

We had a really good meeting, 3 people from the Meetup group and one other woman who just happened to be at Starbucks knitting near us. When
Chris saw Molly knitting we immediately invited her over. Please forgive me if I got your name wrong... I'm really horrible with names! Chris brought her daughter Caroline who was very cute and didn't seem to mind all the knitting going on around her at all. It was so neat to see what 3 month old looks like again, she sure seemed small! We all had fun talking about hand knitting, knitting machines, daycare, children present and future, projects in progress, showing off finished objects, and more.

The haiku is coming along well, I am about 1/2 way through the garter stitch at the center back now. I'm still a little worried about the sewing up but I think I will manage to muddle through ok. If I get really stuck I'll bring it to one of the knitting meetings and beg for help, or pay for a Saturday lesson at Burnaby Knitworks. By the way Burnaby Knitworks is putting together a knitting group, if you are interested you should give them a call or email them to get on the list.

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