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Monday, February 28, 2005

FO To Report!

I actually finished something!! That's right, I Finished something instead of just Starting something!

The little Vest I was making for Cole is a Finished Object! Ribbing complete, all ends woven in, ready to wear finished! It turned out very cute too. I will post a picture soon so you can all "ohhhh" and "awwwww" over it. :) I am very pleased with this little vest. I used my brain and did all the decreases 2 stitches in from the edge so that when I picked up the border around the neck there is a nice smooth line with a single row all along the edge, no decreases marring the image. I even managed to pick up the center front stitches so that the new stitches line up with the body stitches and it almost looks like it was one piece *Grin*

It all sounds simple and obvious, of course, but I know myself and there were lots of places for this to go wrong and I did it right and I am proud of myself!

In the back of my mind is a small voice telling me that I should have taken a picture of this lovely vest *before* sending it to daycare with Cole. But I'm sure that will turn out OK too ... Really, I'm sure ... Mostly.

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