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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Favourite people to knit for

I have always loved knitting for my sister and her family. From the first hat I made her, she has used and loved everything I have knit for her family. She wore the hat I made her even though it was a little too small, I had yet to learn about guage swatches. The socks I made her she wears to bed as her feet are always cold and these keep them toasty warm.

I always know that if I knit a blanket for my nephews it will be used and washed and used until it falls apart. My oldest nephew uses his baby blanket still, I made it out of lovely soft blue/green yarn and it seemed soooo big when I first saw it wrapped around him, now it makes an almost decent lap blanket for in the car. These kids sure grow fast! I made the one for his brother bigget to start with so that he would get more use out of it and will be finishing off a replacement for that original small blanky in time for Christmas this year. I had the ultimate compliment when my oldest nephew at age 2 tried to put on a Wallaby sweater that I had made him. That cute little sweater will be passed down to his brother if he ever decides to give it up and move on to the bigger Wallaby I made him. :)

I have pictures of my sister's oldest in the first Wallaby I ever made done in crayon varigated yarn and a charming picture of his baby brother at 3 months under the blanket I made while he was "cooking" in lovely bright red and orange. I just love bright colours on kids and my sister loves getting them so it is a good match. :)

I would love to knit something for hubby but he goes through socks in a week, never wears a hat or scarf and while he might like a sweater it would take me over a year to finish a XXL size sweater for him! So he gets to enjoy the knitting that I do for our son and the fact that knitting keeps me calm and thus makes me a better wife and mother.


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