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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Thoughts on Blogging

I have been reading "In A minute Ago the blog" in the last few days, admiring her crazy quilts learning how she writes and through that how she thinks. She had a great series of posts about blogging and how 'work in progress' blogs may help motivate the blogger to complete the projects faster.

This got me thinking about why I created my blog. I think the main reason was not so much to motivate myself to finish projects, that will happen in it's own time, but to mark what I have done. Since I have a small child every moment of knitting is precious to me, it allows me to be still and productive at the same time something that is in short supply with a curious toddler. :) At the end of the day it is often hard to see that any progress has been made at all. By putting it all down in the blog I can see that I have actually added "x" number of blocks to my rambling rows afghan, a few more inches to my novelty yarn scarf, that I did finish a scarf in time to give it to the intended recipient Before Christmas. Even just that is enough to keep me going, to prove to myself that I am making progress however slowly and that the knitting is still worth it.

My life has become busy with little things that get in the way of joining in with the local knitters. By putting my progress online I hope to be able to share with the greater community of knitters that might appreciate my point of view and watch with me as my projects go from idea to completion. I can look at the stats for my blog and see that my site is being visited and that people are coming back for a second and perhaps third look. This helps to show me that what I write might be interesting for others. Hopefully my blog will keep getting better and will attract more of a following. But even if no one new comes to see it, my blog is still worth putting up for the good it does me. Selfish but true.

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