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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Soon to be Knitting with People

OK, so I guess it could be said that I knit with people when I knit on my lunch break and others are in the lunch room. BUT tomorrow I get to knit with other knitters!! I am very excited about this, I have had to miss the last few Knitting and Beer meetings so being able to go to a Knitting Meetup meeting is a big deal. There are actually 5 people that have said they are going to be there and 6 Maybe's, this might just be the first Meetup meeting I go to that has more than 1 other person there!

I live on the West Coast and we like to talk about the weather and complain about it no matter what kind of weather we get. This month I think we have been justified in complaining though. First we get The Snow Storm where I spent 2 hrs on the road and managed to get 1/2 way to work,. Now we have "Tropical Punch" or as I call it The Rain Storm. We have had Heavy Rainfall Warnings in effect since the weekend, in the past few days we have received more rain than we usually do in an entire month. This is of course reflected directly in all the flooding that is going on. Roads have been closed, farms are flooded out, sewer systems are overloading, and People's backyards are actually washing away. Landslides claimed the life of one woman who's house was washed down the hill during the night, very scary. It is amazing to see pictures of all this happening so close to home. I feel very lucky to have a home that is above sea level and not built on the side of a hill. My thoughts are with all of those that have had to leave their homes until it is safe to return.

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