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Thursday, January 06, 2005

It's Snowing!!

I live on the West coast of BC, it's not supposed to snow here, and if it does it's only supposed to be a little bit. Nothing that would make it hard to get around, maybe a slight delay due to slow drivers but nothing much.

Well, today was different. It took be 2 hours to get 1/2 way to work, the whole trip usually takes me less than 45 min!! I finally ended up turning around and going back home. The snow was starting to fall faster with bigger flakes and the roads were getting icy. Just in that short (2hr) trip I saw over 10 cars skidding, sliding, or just plain stuck. I slid a few times during the trip myself and came too close to other cars for comfort before I got traction again. So I went and picked up Cole and settled in at home. We left the house at 7:45am and didn't make it back home till 10:30am!!

The snow has slowed down to "light snow" now at 2pm but the snow fall warning is still in effect. Snowfall warning for greater Vancouver continued. Snowfall amounts will locally reach 5 cm or more in these regions. 5cm doesn't seem like much, but combined with ice on the roads it's very hazardous! I will have to assess the conditions tomorrow to see if I want to risk going out on the roads again. It's not supposed to thaw out any until sometime next week.

Hey if I am snowed in tomorrow too, that could mean some good knitting time while Cole naps :)

The picture of our winter wonderland was taken at about 2pm. It is a Webcam View of BC Place on the left,to Sheraton Landmark Hotel, on the right, Canada Place with the sails, in the middle. You can see the current contitions at the Camtronic.com Webcam.


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