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Saturday, January 15, 2005


It really feels good to give stuff away. This week I used Freecycle™ to get rid of an old dining set that we don't use anymore, some clothes, and a microwave starilizer that has been used by both me and my sister, and some toys that Cole has outgrown. I know that I could have given this stuff to a charity but most won't take furniture, and this dining set is Heavy, and also I like the idea of knowing where my stuff is going. With Freecycle I placed my "Offer" ads and picked the person that I wanted to give each thing to then waited for them to come get it. Nice and simple, well a few reschedules but everything out of the door in less than a week. It is a good feeling to be able to declutter and give things to someone that really wants them.

I use a pretty random method of picking the recipient, I go with the one with the email I like best. I try not to give to the first person that asks for an item, just to be fair. I also have to stop myself from outright rejecting anyone with a total sob story. I am jaded, anyone with that much going wrong can't be real. But it might be real, so I gave the dining set to a woman who was going to give it as a surprise to a Single Mother of 5 that has just had a house fire with no insurance. I hope who ever gets it enjoys it. As with the items I knit and give as gifts, once it leaves my house I have to let it go. It no longer belongs to me and I can't worry about how it will be treated or who ultimately enjoys it.

8/8/05: Updated to Freecycle™ in the first instance of Freecyle as requested.

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