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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Back to Real Life

It's a funny thing. Usually when I get back from Christmas vacation there is a bit of a lull at work where I can slowly come to terms with actually having to get up with the alarm again. This year things started up as if we had never left. It's a good thing I got caught up on my sleep last week!

Wendy thanked me for her Christmas present and said she loved it. I played coy and said it was "just a little thing I wanted to make for her." Her reaction was lovely "You KNIT for me??" She was even more impressed by the gift, it made me so happy to have that simple scarf so well appreciated.

I have been working on another Boa Scarf. This one for me in lovely dark pinks and purples. They call the colour "Parrot" which makes me think of greens, but not a green in sight, I love how the colours blend. I am about 2/3 of the way through the 1st ball and intend on using 3 balls again, that made a nice long scarf for Wendy. The finished product was almost 6' long. Mine will be shorter though as I am using 25 sts instead of 23 sts and am using all Garter Stitch instead of just a Garter Stitch border with Stocking Stitch for the main pattern. It will still be a nice lovely long warm scarf that I will be able to wear in the "new to me" doubled up and pulled through itself style with extra left over for show.

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