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Friday, December 24, 2004

Software Update

Well... It's official. I have no ability to make up my mind. I purchased the license for eKnit-Kards and I do like the software. It is easy to use and has good information. However I can already see a use for having KnitAble as well.

I have been adding in my projects so that I can keep track of what I finish in 2004/2005 and noticed that while both softwares have a projects section they are functionally different. eKnit-Kards shows the project list with all the yarns, so for a few of my projects where there were 3 or more yarns they shows as multiple line items and take up a lot of my screen so there is a lot of scrolling. In KnitAble each project is on a single line item and you can click on the item to see more details about the project such as yarns etc. It might be useful to double enter my projects to keep track of the different informations available in each project and the different views. Oh well that is a decision for next year. I'm not buying any more software for my Zire until after the New Year.


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