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Monday, December 06, 2004


I think deadlines are made to be broken, knitting deadlines that is. The closer I get to a deadline the slower I work on a project and the better other projects look. I know that I should be working on the Christmas Stocking, the Vest, the Gift Boa Scarf, but that Rambling Rows afghan is looking pretty good. Nice simple knitting and great colours. But I have to resist the temptation to knit on something else.

I think I have to work in this order:
  • Gift Scarf
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Vest
  • Then finally the Afghan

The things I do to meet an arbitrary deadline... one that I set myself no less. It is important to have goals, and important to actually finish things. If I left things to what my desires seem to want I would have 20 projects all completed to the point where I had learned all there is to learn about them and then left to the side. I do enjoy completing my projects, but I think it is the process I like the most.

Template Update: I've decided to alphabetize my lists... Alphabets inside of alphabets. I have also added my very own Blog Button. I know, I know, hardly anyone knows who I am or where this site is. BUT it's there and someday when the word gets out about this up and coming blog someone might want a button to link to me with. Any way my hubby made it for me and it's cute and I like it, so it gets to stay in it's only little cozy spot on my side bar. :)


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