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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

And then there were 6

Ok I did it, I would have thought that 5 projects on the go at one time was enough, but I just added 1 more.

I got to thinking that it would be nice to give the Daycare lady something to show how much I appreciate the care she gives Cole. And of course this "something" can't just be store bought; it has to be made by my own two hands. So I cast on for a scarf made of Bernat Boa yarn in "Ostrich Black And Silver Mix" very kewl looking in the skein and it is knitting up nicely. The first row was interesting but it is getting easier to see where the stitches start and the eyelash ends. :) I am making the scarf pattern that comes on the back of the label. I don't trust it though so I bought 3 skeins instead of just the 2 that it calls for. I can always return the extra one if I don't need it, or make the scarf extra long, depends on how much time I give myself.

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