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Friday, December 10, 2004

Almost PRESENT Day!!

It's the day before our Sinterklaas celebration. Those of you that have been reading might remember that it was to have been last weekend. Well, my sister came down with bronchitis so we decided to postpone to this weekend. It should be lots of fun, the oldest child is 3 and the youngest is 9 months. So lots of noisy fun I think, toys that rattle and roll and otherwise keep the children occupied :)

I've managed to get a few inches past the joining of the 2nd ball of the boa scarf and it is looking pretty good if I do say so myself. My mother came over on Wednesday night and she had on a scarf made from Boa by my Aunt. It set my mind at ease on the matter of washing it. I was worried that it would get all matted and icky if I washed it, by my mother has washed hers a few times and it is just soft and nice. I am happy since I like to wash my handknits before I give them away so that they are clean and nice smelling. I will give this scarf a nice bath in Lavendar Eucalan when it is done. :)

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