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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Template Fun

I spent most of today working on my blog template. I started out with "Split Pea" by Jason Sutter and started out by just changing from green to my favourite purple. Then hubby played with it a bit and took a picture of one of my projects and used it to make a custom header for me, I'm very pleased.

I did a lot of reading and looking around at other templates and it is just amazing what people can do with thier blogs. I think I am a product of my time, I can get around on computers just fine, do well with Office type software and type better than I write but I'm just not as graphically inclined as those that are just 10 years younger than me, and those that are 20 years younger blow me away with what they can accomplish without batting an eye. I am looking forward to seeing just how much of a natural extention the computer becomes to my sons life. I know that he will be amazed by the stories of me seeing my first computer in school when I was in grade 7, and there were only 4 computers for the whole school to share in shifts. Each one of these amazing machines, commodore 64's I believe, had less computer power than a modern calculator!! These low level computer stories will go the way of the infamous "When I was young I walked a mile to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways" stories I think.

I got a picture taken of the Rambling Rows baby blanket that I am working on. It is definitely a work in progress, you can even see the needles still in place. I do everything with circular needles, it is so nice to be able to push all the stitches to the cable and know they aren't going anywhere :) I hope you enjoy seeing this blanket grow as much as I am enjoying making it.


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