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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


We had our first snow fall yesterday! I left work in cold slushy rain in Richmond and hit true SNOW near Metrotown in Burnaby. I am really glad there wasn't enough to stick, people were having enough trouble driving as it was. Something about white stuff falling out of the sky and 90% of the people in the Lower Mainland forget how to drive. It's not like we don't ever get snow, it's just that most people wait till January or February to put on thier all weather or snow tires. This means when we actually get snow in December we have a lot of cars with bald summer tires trying to get traction on slippery sufaces. Some people will never learn.

I was inspired by the snow to continue working on Cole's Christmas stocking. The toe is about 1/2 way decreased. Soon I will be able to graft the last 16 stitches and do the 5" of i-cord for the hanger. I am aiming to finish the Stocking this week. We will see.

The baby blanket is ongoing, I think it will be my 'relaxing' and 'take to work' project for quite a while. At least it is fun to work on and I don't have to think too much so I can take part in conversations around me.


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