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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sleeping all day

Well I didn't finish anything yesterday. In fact I pretty much slept the whole day away, I must have needed it more than I thought. It is hard enough having a cold, but having a 1 yr old that doesn't want to sleep is even worse on my system. Every time I got nice and comfy and sleeping I would hear the crying on the monitor and hubby or I would have to go check on him. We ended up bringing him to bed with us again last night just so we could all get some sleep. This seemed to help but we didn't do this till 2am so I am still sooo tired!!

Haven't done any knitting today, I think I'll be picking up the baby blanket because the repetition of garter stitch is about my level of ability right now and the colours keep it interesting. I can't face decreasing for toes or decreasing the left front of the vest today. I guess I am just having another lazy day. I can't believe that I slept for most of this morning and am still tired. I hope that Cole sleeps better tonight so that I can get the rest I need to actually get better and go back to work.


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