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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Christmas is Coming!

Did you know? Christmas is coming! You can see and hear it in the malls. Santa is already getting his train and photo area set up. The carols are being played in all the stores. And I started my shopping.

Of course my goal is to have presents ready to be opened on December 5th for Sinterclaas the Dutch Christmas. We started to celebrate Sinterclaas again about 5 years ago, at the time we were flying to Calgary to celebrate with our family there. When my nephew was born 3 years ago it was too much for my sister to fly to Calgary, so my mother and I stayed in BC and we celebrated with her. Since then we have celebrated at my sisters with the kids. This year there will be 3 "babies" 2 boys of my sisters and my son. It should be a lot of fun. Hopefully we learned from last year and no one will put any of the kids names on parcels that they don't get to keep :) Our tradition is to put between 2 and 4 layers of newsprint wrappings with each layer having a different name. This way the name on the top of the present is not necessarily the person who will get it. Though I have been known to put the same name on the first and last layer just to bug people :)

We got about 1/2 the presents we need, hopefully we can get the rest, and a few Christmas presents as well, out of the way tomorrow. I might have to go out at lunch this week a few times and pick up little things and something for hubby while he isn't looking. It is fun to give presents and see the reactions. I wish I had the time to make things, but my spare time is mostly spent playing with the boy or making him things that seem to take forever because I knit in 20 min bits of time.

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