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Friday, November 12, 2004

Busy Day

Busy Busy day at work today. It seemed like everytime I turned around it was 2 hours later. My 1 hour conference call went almost 2 hours and threw off my whole afternoon, I don't even remember where the morning went. All I know is that I had very specific things that I was going to do today and only 3 things on my list got done. Granted other things were accomplished but they weren't on my original list. It is just amazing how quickly time gets away from me while I am at work. Some days drag on, but when I really want to accomplish something, like today, it seems like the time zips on by.

I've been playing with my blog template again. If you were looking yesterday you will notice a few little changes. I added a visit counter and some nifty drop down menus, gotta love drop down menus :) Tweeking the template should keep me busy for a while I think. It's nice to have something to work on at the computer while hubby is processing his digital camera pictures. Of course it does take away from my knitting but sometimes my fingers want to play with the keyboard instead of the needles.

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