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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Another day at work

I got a good nights sleep last night, Cole only woke up twice. *Bliss* Fingers crossed for 2 nights in a row like that! Finally made it back to work and found too much waiting for me to finish in one day. At least I get tomorrow off. Got to try out my new optical mouse at work and I love my new MS mouse the scrolling is very smooth and there is no cord to get tangled up, it's just lovely to use. Can you tell I'm happy with my new mouse??

Only got a few rows done, more red on my baby blanket, working on the last block in the first row, I'll have to post a picture soon. It's hard to make much progress when I only knit during my lunch hour. But it will eventually get done, I think. Sometimes I think that I only knit for the fun of the process and when I get close to being done I loose interest and have to start something new. Perhaps that is why I have so many projects going on at once.

I've spent most of the night looking for a nice non-generic template for my blog. I found a few that I like and some of them even come with the blogger template already created. I just can't decide what I want. We will see what I can do with this little blog of mine as time goes one :)


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