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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Almost finished shopping

I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping! All of my side of the family is completly finished! We just have hubby's brother, his wife, and 2 friends to purchase for now. Not bad at all!! AND we have ALL the wrapping done for Sinterklaas!! I had to wash my hands a few times with good soap to get the newsprint off but it's all done!! This is pretty much unprecidented. Neither of us wanted to be coming home from work and having to wrap presents after Cole was put to bed and still have to pack for the trip to the Island. We will be heading over Saturday morning and returning Sunday morning so it won't be a rushed visit. Should be nice :)

I haven't gotten much knitting done lately though :( It is the worst thing about having a cold, lots of free time but all you want to do is sleep or laze around watching TV in a daze. I will keep plugging away at the baby blanket though, and I hope to finish Cole's vest by Christmas. It should be possible, after all I just have to add the ribbing around the neck and arm holes. I read the pattern, it says the first row after picking up the stitches is a knit row so I can put in any extra stitches to be sure I have a multiple of 4 for the ribbing. Nice to know that they took fudging into account when writing the pattern :)

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